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Auction Strikes


P.O. Box 250147
Franklin, MI 48025

Phone No.: (248) 432-2681

Website: auctionstrikes.net

Auctioneer Information

Auction Strikes allows you to use our magnificant software to run your own auctions from your own website with many extensive features that allow you to track your inventory, customers, and run your auctions with many customized features. Bidders do have their own portals to view their invoices, items they won, items they bid on, and more. The software allows you to register sellers and handle consignments with multiple sellers. Our auctions allow you to stagger end your auctions, automatically extend auctions on snipe bids, allows users to place regular bids and maximum bids, and apply bid increments. We also specialize in other styles of auctions such as multiple item dutch auctions, descending auctions, and live-style auctions.


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